2010   GEVAS becomes part of the Optima Group.

GEVAS consolidated manufacturing and distribution activities in Brazil and USA.

2003   GEVAS Brazil supplied engineering services to the GEVAS group.

2001   GEVAS Brazil was founded in Joinville, SC, Brazil. Carlos Juergens joined the company as general manager. GEVAS Brazil started building packaging machines based on the technology from Germany.

2000   Major building expansion and business diversification.

1998   The first integrated Stacker/Bagger was delivered.

1997   The first diaper Bundling machine was delivered.

1996   Carlo Gretter joined the company and incorporated GEVAS US in Florida, USA as co-owner and General Manager. GEVAS expanded rapidly in the North and South American markets.

Thomas Sander took over Ownership and Management of GEVAS in Germany.

1993   Thomas Sander, son of Bernd Sander joined the Company and explored the American Market by opening a Sales and Service hub in Toronto, Canada.

1990   First servo driven automatic Diaper bag filler.

1986   Delivery of first semi automatic Diaper bag sealer.

1976   Delivery of first Food Tray Sealer.

1974   Delivery of first Tissue bag filler.

GEVAS was incorporated in Halle Westfalen Germany by Mr. Bernd Sander. Back in 1967, Mr. Sander founded the company CITO, a fast growing producer of plastic films and materials with flexoprinting and bag making. CITO later merged in the Nordenia Group, which is meanwhile acquired by the Mondi Group. During the start up of CITO in the early times a small group of technicians focused on machine support and equipment especially for the growing hygienic industry. This group formed the basis of GEVAS and the first machine delivered was a bathroom tissue bag filler.



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